Choose Countertops You Can Count On

Consider a luxurious yet affordable granite countertop installation in Bon Air, Farmville or Richmond, VA

Are your kitchen counters scratched and stained from years of wear? Or maybe you just want to add a dash of spice to your kitchen in the Farmville, Richmond or Bon Air, VA area. In any case, granite countertops could be just what you need. The pros at 360 View Home Improvements are standing by to install your new countertops with skill and precision. We'll even cut the granite ourselves in whatever style and color you prefer.

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3 good reasons to choose granite

Granite countertops are a smart choice for any kitchen because they're:

  1. Durable, so they'll hold up against scratching and chipping.
  2. Easy to clean, since their smooth surfaces resist dirt and bacteria.
  3. Visually appealing in any setting, thanks to the wide range of color choices.
Add a dash of luxury to your home in the Richmond, Bon Air or Farmville, VA area. Call 571-835-2674 to arrange for a granite countertop installation.